November 28, 2012

Christmas tree farm, snowflakes and photo storage fix

Cindy's tree farm. I stitched in the ditch around each tree, freehand loops and stars in the background
 ghost trees fill the open spaces
If you would like to know how to make these really cute trees, 
click here!

 On the longarm today...the beginnings of Lila's table topper
Yesterday i posted some blog tips on photo storage...i've learned a bit more and thought i would share.
For those of us who are running out of free photo space on blogger, to continue free uploads, resize each photo to 2048 x 2048 pixels before loading them onto a post.  I also learned that i can go into my Picasa website and click on each individual photo.  At the top you'll find 'actions', click on that and click 'edit in creative kit'.  Scroll down and on the left side you'll find 'resize'.  Resize each photo to 600 x 800 by simply changing the smallest original number to 600.  Make sure you click the box that says 'keep porportions'. Once that's done, click 'apply' and then at the right top click on 'save to my album' and click 'replace'.
  This will free up tons and tons of storage.  Hope this helps!!


  1. Love the quilts. Really beautiful and thanks for the link to the tutorial for the trees. Also thanks for the post on freeing up storage space. I've never really given it much though. Come to think of it I have no idea how much free storage blogger gives.

  2. I love the tree quilt. The blue one is also really nice. There are a lot of very create women in this world!!!

  3. Karen, qué bonitos están os trabajos y el acolchado es genial.
    Gracias por las explicaciones para reducir las fotos. Un beso

  4. The trees look just wonderful, you must be so pleased with it.

    F x

  5. Love the tree piece! Also thanx for the picture finling advise. (Please see if you can comment, or whatever. I did have the box checked you told me to check, redid it. Hope it works.) Thanx again. L



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