July 31, 2012

Quilted Pillow Sham Tutorial

Sandy brought me two pieced pillow tops or 'flimsies' and want them quilted to match her bed quilt.

I loaded them both onto one large piece of muslin with batting and quilted them at the same time.

 Sandy had also prepared two pieces for the back of each pillow. She folded over the raw edges a couple of times where the pillow would be stuffed into the sham and stitched to make a finished edge. The pillow tops measure W24" x L36"...the backs measure W26" x L24" and W26"x x L20".  The width is 2" larger than the width of the tops so i created two folds on each end piece in order for it to fit, leaving fullness for a large pillow.  
To determine where to make the tucks, i folded the fabric in half...
 and half again.
  Pressing the middle fold away from the raw edge.
I could easily see three equally spaced creases.
I pinned the middle of the backing fabric to the middle of the pillow top, wrong sides together, then pinned each corner.  I created a tuck between the middle and each corner and pinned them in place.

I stitched the larger backing on first and the shorter backing fabric second.   Sewing just under a 1/4" from the edge.  
 When it was all stitched down, i added a binding the same way one would add a binding to a finished quilt top.
 Sandy will hand stitch the binding to the back side of each sham to finish.

Here is how the back will look when finished.


  1. I really like pillow shams.....I must make myself some! Thanks for showing me how!

  2. Hola amiga!
    Felicitaciones...te quedó genial!
    Un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela!

  3. These shams are lovely.....and beautifully finished, too! Nice job!

  4. Karen, me encantan estas fundas!!! son geniales....un beso

  5. What a wonderful tutorial, Karen! I'm making a bed quilt for my daughter who is getting married in October and your tutorial is going to come in handy. Thank you so much for taking the time to post it!



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