July 15, 2012

More like Jungle Fever

Here's another 'Spring Fever' quilt by Buggy Barn.  I taught this piecing method a few months ago and just finished machine quilting Nadine's interpretation.  Fantastic!

I love this black on black flower
  Stitched with the panto 'Water World' using a latte thread color.
Here's a glimpse back at mine


  1. Buggy Barn quilts are great! Spooky chick....I am doing a very similar quilting design on a customer quilt too!

  2. I cannot believe how beautiful this quilt came out. It's incredible!

  3. Lovely colour combination, the red, black and beige. Beautiful!

  4. Karen, I just love your blog!! I find myself checking daily just to see what you are sharing, thanks so much!! I am wondering if you will be attending the MQX show in the fall in Portland? I went last year with a wonderful friend who is also a longarmer and we had so much fun we booked our hotel to go again this year. I must have spent an entire day at Fabric Depot that store is insane. I was planning on flying but due to flight baggage restrictions I think I will be driving. It is a great show and if you haven't checked it out you really should, I think you would enjoy it too.

  5. Hola amiga!!!
    Te ha quedado fantástico.....espectacular!
    Feliz Inicio de Semana y un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela!

  6. That is beautiful! I am new to your blog and wondering if the instructions for this piecing method are available. It looks so unlike anything I have seen. Thanks. gelswood@aol.com

  7. Karen, I'm new to your blog. I love the "Spring Fever" quilt. I will have to try this. The pattern is in the book "Certifiably Crazy" correct and not as a stand alone pattern?

    1. Yes..this pattern is a Buggy Barn pattern from their book Certifiably Crazy. I do not think one can purchase it as a single pattern. http://chezstitches.blogspot.com/2012/01/buggy-barn-way.html This link will take you back to my tutorial and a link to the Buggy Barn website. Send me pictures!!

  8. Just love this quilt! And your quilting too! I think I need to get that pattern, I like both of these quilts you've posted!
    Have a great weekend :o)



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