June 28, 2012

Did I say the Farmer's wife is busy??

My stack of completed blocks. 
The endless rows   
 My quilt is made up of the entire 111 blocks, making it a queen size top.  Sashing, sashing, sashing...more sashing with cornerstones to stitch next.
 Update:  These above pics are of my first go at the Farmer's Wife quilt.  It is now the end of 2014 and i'm making my 3rd one!  Yes!!  #3!!  Crazy huh?  You'll see my latest FW quilt which i refer to as 'The Blue Farm Collection' by clicking HERE


  1. I love it! And you're hand quilting it! wow

  2. beautiful....a farmers wife's work is never done!
    Are you going to hand quilt yours like Jan's?

  3. It looks beautiful. Wonder where a farmer's wife found the time to do this.



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