May 28, 2012

What a Memorial Weekend to remember...

I'm working on a Lady Liberty quilt...May she stand as a symbol for Everyone and for Peace throughout our world. Let us always remember and celebrate those who willingly sacrificed for our freedom.

This weekend my niece Shelby married Stefan. The most beautiful wedding I've ever attended.  It was held in Chehalis, Washington at Red Barn Studios

Uncle David made this road sign
I made this welcome ladder (just happened to have old chipped paint matching Shelby's wedding color) with candles flickering in 'Ball' jars (Stefan's mother's maiden name) My father, 'Poppa' to Shelby, picked wild flowers from our family farm in Oregon and brought on old pitchfork, adding to the display
 A pin made for me by Shelby when she was in junior high was pinned to an old cutter quilt i found,
and oh my gosh....was the perfect color....i added an old tractor toy of mine sitting on a vintage mirror
 Looking in
 Shelby and cousin Hayley
 Shelby's best friend Courtney, cousin Kendall and sister Chandler
 My two sons, Tucker and Mason
 Stefan and Shelby with Stefan's Grandma Carol.

Shelby's Grammy and Poppa
 (Poppa dressed in polished cowboy boots and shiny spurs)
Grammy made all the food. Pretzel bread sandwiches, Cesar salad,  meatballs...Auntie Lisa provided the spirits...
Stefan's mom Kristin, aunts Kathie and Kelly along with Grandma Carol decorated the barn with vases and vases and vases of beautiful flower bouquets tied with burlap. 
The groomsmen got a bit hungry just as the ceremony began... eating hamburgers....

 Shelby's brother Severin, cousin Mason, best friend Courtney and cousin Tucker
 This photo makes me cry... how the heck am i already at this juncture in life??  Tuck and Shelby were born a week apart...that was like...yesterday!
 Ending the evening....
 Love you both!!!
Stefan is currently in a ROTC program...serving our country...Shelby's cousins Tucker and Connor are also serving our country today. Many of Stefan's and Shelby's family members have served in years before.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. What a beautiful day! Thank you so much for sharing it! Congrats to the young couple!

  2. Wow what a stunning day, the displays are fabulous , the bride oh so pretty! Look at that lovely barn.....glad it was a great day.....don't these kids of ours grow up so quick!

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful family event. When I first heard 'a barn' I questioned...however all of you pulled it off, including the darling bride! Glad the weather held sunny for you. Karen, you're awesome!

  4. tous mes voeux de bonheur à ces jolis mariés
    pleins de bisous !!!!!

  5. Beautiful bride. Beautiful family. Thank you for sharing!



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