December 13, 2011

Christmas Trees

This is what i miss out making this weekend with my cousins.......argghhh!! Maybe this weekend i will make time to have Diane over to show me how....Love these!!!!
 Here are a couple quilts fresh off the longarm.  I wish you could see all the sparkles in the fabrics...Lila's little nieces are gonna LOVE these quilts for Christmas.

Here's another quilt finished the teal  colored thread on the back.


  1. I love the trees made from those big pine cones!
    Wow you are getting some quilts finished. I have finished all my 'must have finished before Christmas' quilts, but here is still plenty to do, but at least the pressure is off.

  2. Iwill look forward to seeing how to make the trees from the pine cones...they are great.

  3. Your quilting is great...I love the pinecone cute !! Hugs



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