October 25, 2011


I've seen this floating around on a few Primitive blogs, don't know who started it and i don't know if there are any rules. 
The only productive thing i have done all day is hang with my friend Cindy for a couple hours wandering around some antique shops. Digging through bins, baskets, boxes, drawers and getting our hands dirty.
My great find of the day.
This is from my high school.  I never belonged to the FFA, but i am the farmer's daughter, had a horse named Dandy and a bull named Shortcake. There were many steers, Blackie, Whiteface, Oh and the one my brother David sat on, then blew in his ear..... 
Okay back to what i've seen floating around on Primitive blogs.....
Getting to know me: A~Z
A~  Age: 52 
B~ Bed:  Queen size, pencil post shaker style. Snuggly!  King size are just too big.
C~ Chore i hate: Unloading the dishwasher. It always comes at an inconvenient time, like when there are dirty dishes to load.
D~ Dog:  Yellow Lab named Limpy, Lumpy, Humpty Dumpty with a Lollipop tongue.  We just call him Lucky for short.
E~ Essential start to my day:  Jump Java Jive..., yup, coffee.
F~ Favorite Color:  Dark Navy Blue.  I consider it my neutral...goes with everything and everything goes with it!
G~ Gold or Silver:  I'll take some of both please.
H~ Height:  5'4"
I~ Instruments I play:  Piano and the Radio
J~ Job Title:  That depends on the day.  Some days it's a Longarm Quilter, an Event Coordinator or Volunteer of some kind. On occasion my title is Chief proctor for a national exam and on other occasions it's Quilt Instructor.  My finest titles are Mom, Wife and Follower of Jesus.
K~ Kids:  2 fabulous sons!  Tucker, 21 and Mason, 20.
L~ Live In:  Oregon, but my Mom says i live in La La Land....  hum
M~ Make of Car:  Subaru Forester. Great for hauling a Lucky dog to the farm and junk i find rummaging through antique shops.
N~ Nicknames:  Poodle-do, member of the Poodle-do Private eyes.  Ya see, my friend Joey and i back in the 80's, had permed hair that was big and somewhat long and fluffy...I could continue the story, but i won't.
O~ Overnight Hospital Stay:  Yes.  2 tonsils out and 2 babies out.  
P~ Pet Peeve:  Cell Phones. 
Q~ Quote from a Movie: "There's no place like home."  I'll let you guess the movie.  
R~ Right hand or Left hand:  Right.
S~ Siblings:  3 brothers...that explains why i live in La La Land.
T~ TV Shows:  Not really a big TV fan, but i do enjoy American Idol and Antiques Roadshow.
U~ Underwear: Sure
V~ Vegetable i hate:  Lima beans. yuuuuk...and please don't try to hide them in other foods. Brussels Sprouts, they're gross.
W~ What makes me late?  My husband.
X~ X-rays: At 52, i'm encouraged to have x-rays.
Y~ Yummy food I make:  Hungarian Mushroom soup.
Z~ Zoo Animals:  Defiantly the monkeys.

Bonus Question:  What scares me? ~ the Boogie Man.  The one that hides under my bed and grabs my foot in the middle of the night when i have to go to the bathroom.  

Now i have done 2 productive things today!

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