August 30, 2011

Trinity Quilt Club Retreat

Had our quilt retreat this past weekend.  What a great group of women!!!...and they know what i'm talk'n about!  They presented to me a card, with many many personal thank you's for, i don't know...having fun?
Thank you everyone, sincerely.  Really, i'm just having fun and enjoying our time together and laughter!
(oh and by the way, the card was stuffed full of cash...)  What a nice Thank You gift.  :)

My friend Cindy brought this antique star quilt to show the group.  She just picked it up at 
in Washington a couple weeks ago.
You are the Lucky one now Cindy!
Carol brought her Civil War Block of the Month quilt to the retreat quilt. She finished up the final borders.
I just LoVe!! this quilt!
I worked on my Farmer's Wife quilt and paper pieced block #65 Peaceful Hours.
Not sure why this photo is sideways...arrgggh.  but this is how those paper pieces went together
...and the finished block
added sashing, cornerstones and setting triangles to the first few rows...
Still have about 11 blocks yet to finish before laying out the rest of the quilt top, deciding on block placement. 


  1. It sounds like a great weekend! Your Farmer's Wife looks wonderful, nice choise of fabric for your sashings and cornerstones!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  2. Now that's the kind of thank you note I like!
    I LOVE Cindy's antique quilt! What a cheerful, beautiful quilt!



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