August 7, 2011

Last week I started working on my unfinished
 'Cowgirl Quilt' (see my sidebar tutorial) from a year ago...and to my surprise, a couple days later Brigitte had made mention on her blog about 'Cowgirl'.  
As you can see, i have pieced together my
 red 'cowpies' 
 and my blue 'cowpies'
I find the easiest for me is to piece the quarters together with the seams facing down.  I don't need to pin and the seams match up. 
 and of course...chain piecing makes the job go by quickly.  I have all my red and blue cowpies pieced and will post the finished quilt top soon. 
Today I finished Carol's baby quilt.  
Nice work Carol!
(click on the photo for a closer look)
 Yesterday in the mail, i finally received my Primitive Quilt magazine.  I was beginning to worry if i would get mine since it seemed that everyone except Cathi of Shakerwood Quilts and myself had received theirs.  Cathi...has your's come yet???


  1. Yes I have my prim magazine, we are a bit slower at getting them here in New Zealand. I like your 'cow pies'

  2. Love the "cow pies"-----I looked and printed the tutorial, thanks! Looks like a fun project just need more hours in the day!

    Thanks, Carolyn :)



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