June 12, 2011

Erasable Gel Pens....great for marking!

Picked up some new marking tools the other day.  I am always in search of the perfect marking pen that is smooth and disappears without a problem.
Here is a Fons and Porter white mechanical fabric pencil for marking on dark fabric.  It seems to wipe off easily with a little rubbing.  Marks smoothly and does not disappear until i am ready.
 Below are brand new gel pens that mark smoothly and disappear with either friction or heat.
(you can click on the photo to enlarge and see the company name on the pens)
so...here is a sample...
 placing heat to my writing 
(not to exceed 140* Fahrenheit)
 i put my iron on the lowest setting.
marking for applique, machine quilting, stitchery, awesome! 
dumb picture...but, it's gone!  no residue, no sign of writing and i placed the iron on the marking for only a second or two.  Love it!!!  I guess there are pens coming in pink, orange and i think purple. I hope the pink is light enough to show on dark fabrics.  I heard you can also use a blow dryer to remove the markings. And just an fyi...if you live in a very cold climate and your markings are exposed to 14* degrees or below, the marks will reappear.  Good news however, once the quilt is brought inside (which i can't imagine anyone's house that cold!) the markings will disappear as they warm up.
I purchased this short sewing drawer when i was in Spokane last month.  It sat in my sewing room on the floor until yesterday when i was cleaning up and thought...Ha!  A home for my rulers!
Little finds like this with a found purpose makes me a very happy girl!


  1. cool markers! I am in need of some.
    Thanks for sharing the info and your 'Ruller cabinet' is so pretty. Great find.

  2. I love the draw idea! The markers look interesting.

  3. Karen,
    You are so clever! I want to be like you!



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