June 2, 2011

dead lines......ugh

  i love a deadline and i hate a deadline.  this week i was not in love with my deadlines.
now that my final 'deadline' quilt is off my longarm, i am heading out the door for central Oregon to relax!  if the weatherman is correct...we might be looking at sunshine and 80* in Oregon.  it's about time!!!  it poured again today.  i suppose i should be okay with the rain this past week since i was stuck inside with my  deadlines.  :)

Jan made this quilt, a high school graduation gift for her granddaughter.

below is the pieced baby quilt  i posted about earlier.  i forgot to get photos of it after it was machine quilted and now it's in California.  i think i know a professional photographer that just might email  me a photo of the finished quilt??? 
 this quilt is another graduation gift made by sandy.  it is for her nephew graduating from college.  
Sandy picked this up yesterday and dropped off another one just like it, only in purples...she says i have until Christmas to quilt the next one.  :)

the last quilt came off my longarm today around 4:30....just a little glimpse until the binding is sewn on.
Deborah is a brand new quilter and my neighbor Toni was her teacher.  love it!  wonderful job to the both of you!!
click on photos to enlarge


  1. encore et toujours un joli travail !!!!!!!
    j'aime beaucoup le choix des couleurs
    amitiés de Régina

  2. You have been staying busy with some gorgeous quilts!
    I'm so excited to finally have a couple of days of decent weather! Enjoy your trip to Central Oregon!!

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful relaxing trip. Beautitful quilting on the quilts! I am sure they will be very pleased!

    Carolyn :)



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