October 18, 2010

One good Tern....

One Good Tern Deserves Another....
My cousin Becky designed this quilt, our cousin Diane paper pieced the top
and I machine quilted it.
If you look closely, the top row is a bit cut off due to my fine photography skills...but, the orange beaks are facing the to left. The next row of Terns are facing right. Becky will be adding an eye to each bird in the black fabric. The necks are white and the background or trees if you will, are green. Becky will also embroider the
'the saying' around the inner border.

Close up of the feathers

Here are a few of my latest Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks

I will be sharing 'how to piece' these next 6 blocks at our
Trinity Quilt Club on Sunday

not real keen on the blue half square triangles...

this block reads black in the photo, it's actually navy.

Week Fourty Two: October 18th-October 24th
1. Finish up Marylou's quilt
2. Stitch up a few more Farmer's blocks
3. Head to Cannon Beach for 3 days of quilting with friends
4. Trinity Quilt Club on Sunday


  1. Love the Farmer's Wife blocks. They look great! I only have two done!

  2. Loving those Farmer's Wife blocks. Can't wait to see the whole thing. The terns are great too. Very clever design.

  3. You have been delightfully busy!

    Your "Farmer's Wife Blocks" are wonderful. How neat that you will be sharing your talent with your Trinity Quilt club.

    I will be looking forward to viewing the finished quilt---I am sure it will be lovely.

    :) Carolyn



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