September 14, 2010

check out my new slide shows!

This is Laura's third quilt. She just graduated from college a year and a half ago and does not own a sewing machine. Her grandma lives in Alaska and when they are together...they quilt. The last quilt Laura made, her grandma had it machine quilted, made and sewed the binding on for Laura as a graduation gift. I'm not sure when Laura finished up this quilt but she still does not own a sewing machine. She is moving across the United States in two weeks and has no idea how to prepare or sew on the binding, let alone have a machine to work with. So I offered Laura to come over where I can show her how to do those finishing touches and she can use my machine to stitch the binding. She's got the quilting bug...! Her quilt is made using the foundation piecing technique. The quilt also has diamonds of orange, blues and greens.
Very pretty.

I used 'Popcorn' as the pantograph. Pantograph's have their place in machine quilting. It is less expensive for the customer and many quilts lend themselves just fine with an all over pattern.

Here's my computer wizard...Tucker. I spent about gosh, 3 hours the other day trying to figure out how to put multiple slide shows on my blog. I was headed in the right direction....but seriously did not have the knowledge needed to succeed. Tucker just started classes at Whitworth University last week and i did not really want to bother him with my computer 'blog wants'. But...he just happened to call the next morning, so...i asked. Lickety split, he knew what to do! Tucker put the first slide show on, then emailed me some 'code' and had me do the next two slide shows. Wow!!! I was so excited!! He also taught me a few other tricks. Some simple code and where to insert into my text.
I know....I sound so smart! I feel so smart!! ha ha ha!

Tucker sent this picture to me when he first arrived at school. He is a senior this year and does not need his mom and dad to take him to school and help him unpack anymore. A few days after he left home, I received a notice on facebook from him with a link to pictures he had taken of his room for me to see. How thoughtful was that? And the quilt on his bed is one we made together during spring-break his sophomore year.
This picture is my screen saver...i smile every time i log on.

Week Thirty Seven: Septemeber 13th-19th
1. Prepare for the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt along at Trinity
2. Mason leaves for Oregon State University
3. tears.....

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