August 20, 2010

Mountain Hood!!

My brother David would get soooo excited when he was little everytime he saw "Mountain Hood". Now, every time I see this mountain or spend time here, "Mountain Hood" rings in my ear.
This is where I have spent the past week and the weather was beautiful. My husband Pat and I took our youngest Mason, and 5 of his friends for their last opportunity to 'hang' before they head off for their freshman year in college.

oh, and here is my Lucky boy.

The view just steps from the cabin. This is the ZigZag river. It was running fast, but fairly shallow and the sand from the bottom makes the water a bit cloudy.

Mason's great friends...Brian, Nathan, Jordan, Katie and Addie .
I did do some customer quilting....hand sewing a binding on a huge quilt!! I had hoped to work on some appliqué of my own....oh well. I'll post pictures of quilts on Monday

Week Thirty Three: August 16th-22nd
1. Mountain Hood

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