August 9, 2010

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

Okay, here are my latest blocks....

This is block #11, Broken Dishes

One of my all time favorites. Block #20; Churn Dash.

There are actually 2 variations of this block in the book.

Block # 34; Flock

This should be block #7; Birds in the Air....but after sewing the 4 sections first, I realized I had flipped the half square triangles so when sewing the 4 sections together, it was not the same block anymore. arghh! I was not going to take it i came up with my own block #112; Why Not. I think this block could have used a little more contrasting fabrics. Maybe not.

Now, this block #94; Tall Pine. Terrible construction, would do it over....but don't even like it! It may have something to do with my fabric choices. Not real keen on them. If I were to sew this into another block, I would totally cut off points. See the right and left side of the lower half of the block? What happened to my quarter inch seam?? Do over? Maybe if the fabrics were different but I am going to be setting my quilt on point. This does not work at all on point!

Here are the blocks on point...see Tall Pine, really?? I would not even throw it in as my Humility block.

I flipped Tall Pine and Flock to see how rotating changes their look...something to keep in mind.

On personal note....Tucker and Mason arrive home any minute from their 11 day mission trip in northern British Columbia. I'm very excited to hug them....not so excited about the piles of laundry!!

Week Thirty Two: August 9th-15th
1. Finish up a baby quilt that gave me issues at the very beginning, ugh.
2. two more quilts to machine quilt.
3. Tucker leaves for college hooo hoooo hooo
4. Leave for week at Hood with Mason's friends. It's their last bit of time together before they all go off to different colleges. I'll be cooking, reading by the pool and appliquéing!!

1 comment:

  1. Karen: I like your flock block, haha, but wonder if the little triangles (of the "birds") should point up instead of down, once you've rotated the block?? You're right the tall pine needs a bit of "spruce-ing" up. hahaha...I really like the block you created by putting the pieces together wrong. I love it actually, the way you cut the fabric with the line of flowers down the middle of each large triangle. wonderful. Lori



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