July 5, 2010

Cowgirl Quilt

This quilt sampling is one I am designing using Elisa's Backporch Small Paths Template. It is an adaptation of a quilt I saw a few years ago. I organize a local quilt retreat at my church once a year and this is the quilt some of us will be making. I named it 'Cowgirl'. I grew up on a farm, loved the cows...even shared their salt lick....yep! And this time of year I always think of our baby bull born in June back in 1967 or '68 named Shortcake.
There is a blue bandanna fabric used in the quarter circles...makes for fond memories

Here is my attempt at a pictorial tutorial....how do you like that?
but...If you go to Elisa's blog, she has a wonderful video!

It would be best if I had a very small rotary cutter and a swivel mat...however, I don't. So I carefully use my regular rotary cutter and rotate the fabric. You could also trace and use scissors!

Next, I finger press and line up the centers right sides together

Then I pin the center

And carefully pin the sides

Sometimes I get to doing each task more than once. cut, finger press, pin,...then sew a bunch and start over again....

This is how many pins I use.

Then with template "A" side up (or the background fabric)...I begin to stitch. This is the side with all the ruffles that you do not want to turn into pleats!! Just take it slow and easy and one stitch at a time. I leave the needle position down and sometimes need to bring the pressure foot up, rotate and straighten just a bit.....but it does work!

This is how it looks from the back...

and now the front. I press the seam toward the quarter circle. So when selecting fabrics, keep this in mind. However, one can press the opposite way, I just find it easier my way...hum...

I will post more pictures as I continue creating 'Cowgirl'
Stay tuned!

Week Twenty Seven: July 5th-11th
1. really....I have no idea
2. Just know I have much to do
3. yes, stay tuned


  1. Karen, I really like seeing the step by step and stitch by stitch instructions. It helps with the project I am working on now. Thanks for all of your help. Carol

  2. Karen, Love your blog! This template is great, and it would work for a quilt I am getting ready to make for my grand-daughter. I appreciate seeing the pictures. If I can still order a template from you, I will put the money in your box at the church. Terre

  3. Great tutorial! You make that look so easy!



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