June 2, 2010

When I see this photo...I can't believe this is my machine. So industrial looking which is sooo not me...but Wow is it fun!!
This is Kelly's quilt, I'll finish it up tomorrow. It's the largest quilt I have loaded onto my machine. The backing stretched the entire length of the canvas leader. 120"!

Kelly picked out a floral meander pantograph stitched in white thread

Here's Pat's fun quilt I finished yesterday. I really wanted to photograph it on my neighbor Lynn's shiny red vintage Ford Sprint but he was out of town, it's been raining and his wife Sue and I thought we'd better not mess with it! So I told Pat to get the binding on her quilt and bring it back over on a sunny day when Lynn's home.

The pieced back...Sydney is the pantograph stitched in black

The sun has not been out much around these parts but there was a break in the rain Monday and I took advantage of the opportunity! This is Mary's quilt. I guess springtime brings out the floral meander pattern. Here it is again.

Quilt pattern is Hip to be Square by Busy Bee Quilt Designs

p.s. I was just viewing this blog post and did you know you can click on the individual photos for a closer view...but then I saw the little zoom icon and clicked again...wow! really close up!


  1. Hi Karen!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Its' always s0 fun to connect with other longarm quilters~we can keep each other inspired!
    I too am always looking for a bright spot to photograph my quilts so the threadwork can be seen~sometimes the quilts need light and shadow at the same time~ I long arm for a livin" and have been at it for four years and I still love it...such beautiful quilts and beautiful quilters with special stories to share~ be back soon!

  2. I really like the floral meander quilting pattern. Lovely quilts. And that's a really cool man-quilt! Great fabrics!

  3. You quilts are beautiful. I would love to take the time to learn more about quilting.



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