April 12, 2010

*What's What*

This past week I've added a *What's What* on my sidebar. Includes my pricing and how to prepare your quilt for longarm quilting. This is an easy place for 'refresher' information and assessable for those you may direct to my blog who are interested in having their quilts machine quilted by *Stitches*.

Cindy's quilt...more Easter eggs.

All over pantograph called Waterworld...thread color Antique Satin
Week Fifteen: April 12th-18th

1. Five quilts this week....sound like a lot!
2. Finish up a couple more blocks from The Farmer's Wife Sampler class
3. Post pictures of those blocks
4. Trinity Quilt Club

1 comment:

  1. I like the blog additions. I'm always forgetting how big to make the back, etc.

    Nice quilting -- as usual :)



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