April 5, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue is going home

Last night as I laid awake in bed thinking about the upcoming week's 'to do's'....it felt so good knowing today I was going to sit and hand sew the binding on this quilt. I've needed a day to sit!
So for Lynn....Sunbonnet Sue is ready to go home. Thank you for sharing your special quilt with me!

The back really shows off the quilting

And oh, Sunbonnet Sue has been stored in this bag for years! Instantly I was a teenager again in the 1970's!

Week Fourteen: April 5th-11th
1. Get outside and do yard work!!
2. Quilt two quilts which did not get done this past week
3. Birthday celebration at the beach with my niece Mackenzie
4. Catch up with friends!!

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