March 31, 2010

For Quail...The progression of her quilt

This is how it was given to Lynn....4 Sunbonnet Sue's across and 5 down with bold sashing between each. I asked Lynn to share the history behind her quilt so I could pass that information along. I find this sort of stuff fascinating!
Lynn's parents were friends with the Governor and his wife, Paul and Felipe Trujillo, of Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico. Lynn's father was into pottery at the time and Mrs.Trujillo hand crafted traditional Cochiti pottery which she sold and traded. Lynn said her whole family received Cochiti names, her name is Quail. As a family, they were always invited for 'Feast Days' and visited many other times.
The quilt was given to Lynn by Valerie Trujillo, the daughter-in-law of the Governor. A group of Cochiti woman together created this heirloom for Lynn, each piecing a different Sunbonnet Sue which is reflected in the different styles of embroidery. They also added the turquoise sashing. (I thought another quilter had done this part and stand corrected)
In 1967 the quilt top was presented to Lynn as a Confirmation gift. She has treasured it for all these years but it was tucked away in a bag. A very funny bag which I will show a picture of in a later post....

First, I needed to square up the quilt top.

I purchased a dark dark navy blue fabric to use as an inner border which helps frame the blocks and sashing.

No, I did not chop off the bonnet on this block...the fabric is just folded this way...thank goodness!

My friend Joey found this quilt picture in a garage sale years ago. It gives her the creeps....but she knew I would love it! I do!!
Here I am adding the final border.

Love this border fabric....!!

I pressed the quilt top and laid it over my longarm for a quick picture...The backing is prepared and the quilt is now all loaded and ready for machine quilting.....stay tuned!!

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  1. Oh, Karen -- you are doing a fabulous job (as I knew you would)! Lynn will be thrilled. I like the fabric you chose for the borders and how it pulls the whole thing together. I guess she was waiting all these years for just the right person to finish it!



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